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Hello and Welcome!

This site was created  when I was looking for my own RV for sale. And found many sites selling Motor homes and assorted other RV's, unfortunately they were to busy selling everything else (banner ADS and other things that took up my time). I was more interested in finding a 5th wheel for sale.

I understand the need for advertisers as I am now doing the same thing, the difference is the site is solely for the purpose of BUYING and SELLING RV's not banner ads, so I hope to incorporate these ads to not hinder your search for what you came here to look for, MOTORHOMES and RV's!

I have included a calendar of events for air shows, Jamboree's and Samboree's and other fun activities you may enjoy, I am soon adding a page for campsites and service center as well as dumping stations and other needed stops along a trip.

MotorhomesOnSale is committed to listing all makes and models of RV's new and used, I have reserved the "editor's choice" image for Sell by owners, Dealers are welcome to place their RV's on our features pages as well. We also have a Featured ads page for class specific such as

You have over 460,000 page views a month, our site is a respectful presence on the internet and delivers on page views more importantly prospective buyers for your RV, we have continually grown since our inauguration and considering that our competitors have rested on their Loral's, we have increased monthly in both traffic and return visitors! We have provided those buyers and sellers a marketplace that extends beyond the boundaries of more traditional, local classified newspaper advertising. Instead of a limited, local audience, you now have access to the whole country.

We showcase your vehicle on our site. Each vehicle can up to 10 full-color photos and detailed description supplied by the seller. Our prices aren't hidden in add on charges and additional features! Compare our rates to see the benefits and savings.

Thanks for visiting,

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