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International Rebuilt Motor (V8, 304) | Rebuilt Motor For 1975 International

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Part NameV8, 5.0 L, 304 CID Rebuilt Engine
Stock No.MHIHC304LB
DescriptionScout appl. Comes with oil pump kit only.
Size5.0 L
Engine TypeV8
Fuel DeliveryFuel Injection
AspirationNon Turbo
Head Casting1665
Block Casting7144R
Crank Casting151045 151046 391930C1
NotesOur remanufactured engine will match or exceed the original International dealer / crate engine performances. Your reman engine will be tested for compression, engine noise, oil pressure, oil leaks and wide-ranging operating situations before delivery.
Core Deposit248
Discount/Sale Price1,828 *


1972 International 1310
1974 - 1975 International MHC1310


We ship nationwide and internationally

Engine Quality:


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